What is the difference in the ACT workshops you offer?

Jane Ross Tutoring offers a variety of ACT training opportunities. The basic workshop is a 6-hour session scheduled for the weekend prior to all national test dates. This workshop is held in our Cordova office from 9:00-3:00, and students can choose from either a Saturday or Sunday session. This workshop covers all four parts of the test and includes content review and practice with actual ACT tests.

The help sessions are designed to complement the workshop. In this series of four sessions (one for each part of the ACT), students reinforce the learning from the workshop and practice with full-length tests. Instructors review each question from the practice test during the 2-hour session. Students can attend the workshop without the help sessions (and vice versa), but the two training opportunities are designed to go hand in hand. In fact, we offer a discount when students sign up for the workshop and help sessions together!

The 20-hour workshop is for students who would benefit from more in-depth, individualized instruction. The sessions are scheduled in 2-hour blocks after school over a 2-week period. After this intense instruction, students attend the four help sessions for extra practice. This workshop is the best value!

The online ACT course provides the opportunity to learn all of the Jane Ross Tutoring strategies on your computer or mobile device. Jane Ross Tutoring has partnered with Union University to create a high-quality, interactive online course that teaches students everything from the traditional workshop…and even more. Students have 24/7 access to streaming videos, interactive quizzes, and all instructional materials.

How do I decide which ACT workshop is right for me (or my child)?

First, we recommend making the decision between a face-to-face workshop or the online course. Online learning has the advantage of convenience and long-term instruction, while face-to-face workshops allow for greater student-teacher interaction. That choice should be based on a student’s learning style.

Generally, we recommend the 20-hour workshop for students who are striving to earn an average score on the ACT (within a few points of 20). For students whose ACT goal is mid-20s to mid-30s, we recommend the full-day, 6-hour workshop.

Should we try individual tutoring before a workshop, after a workshop, or instead of a workshop?

If a student has never completed any test prep before, the workshop is probably the best place to start. The workshops take a general approach to training for all parts of the tests and build a solid foundation as a starting point. Individual tutoring can then be viewed as customized training sessions after the solid foundation is established. Often our students take a workshop first and then take the test. If more training is needed, individual tutoring would be recommended, not another workshop.

However, some students have specific areas for improvement and would not benefit as much from a general approach. On occasion, we will work with students who have terrific math scores but low verbal scores (or the other way around). Instead of a workshop, individual tutoring would be recommended so they can work on only the skills that need to be improved.

Do you guarantee improvement after a workshop?

Yes, we do! If a student takes one of our ACT workshops (either the enhanced, 20-hour or the basic, 6-hour workshop) and does not improve on the next ACT test, we will allow them to take the workshop again at no charge. Simply provide our office with copies of the test scores before and after the workshop, and we’ll take it from there.

What is the average increase after a workshop?

We estimate a 2-3 point increase on average. Since the scores are private information, we have to rely on students to give us feedback. As a result, we do not have data on all workshop participants. Some students contact us to report extremely impressive gains, with improvements of 4, 6, or 8 points! You can read a few student testimonials on our home page.

What is the average class size for your workshops?

For 20-hour workshop, we limit the class size to 15. The 6-hour workshop can include up to 28 students.

What is the deadline for registering for a workshop?

As long as a seat is available, you can register for a workshop with an online payment 1 day prior the start. The deadline is 10 days prior to the start when paying by check.

What are the qualifications of Jane Ross instructors?

We are proud to say that all of our instructors are certified teachers! They are experienced professionals who are experts in their content. Our instructors have years of experience as classroom teachers and Jane Ross tutors.