June 3 Legacy ACT Workshop

The Legacy ACT workshop includes the content Jane Ross instructors have been sharing with test takers for over four decades.  Students will learn strategies for all four parts of the test with a focus on timing strategies and a review of critical material students need to know for the test.

This workshop meets from 9am-3pm in the Jane Ross classroom in Cordova.

For the workshop, students will need to bring a pencil and calculator.  During the lunch break (typically 11:45-12:15), students will be allowed to go quickly to a nearby fast food restaurant, or students may bring a sack lunch with a drink and eat in the classroom.

Students canceling a class in advance will receive a credit for another class or workshop. No cash refunds.

JRT Power Sessions Summer 2023

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Here’s the schedule of webinars designed to help you earn higher scores:

Math // May 30 // The best math test takers use lots of tools to solve the various problems on the ACT.  Learn seven of the most effective tools, how to use them, and–most importantly–when to use them.  Dr. Phillips will use real ACT questions from recent tests to demonstrate how to use the strategies. The math test is getting harder; you need to be smarter!

English  // June 1 // Students will quickly see that the English part of the ACT is the most predictable and most coachable part of the test.  A little instruction can go a long way! Using a combination of creative visuals and easy-to-follow explanations, Dr. Phillips will guide students through some of the most critical skills that can raise English scores several points.

Science // June 6 // There is a unique approach to each type of science passage. We’ll prove it to you: The science test is not as hard as you think it is.

Reading // June 8 //  Well-trained test takers can easily spot the wrong answers on the ACT Reading test.  There is also a trick to recognize the right answer quickly.  Using examples from previous tests, Dr. Phillips will guide students through the techniques that can raise reading scores several points.