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Since 1979, Jane Ross Tutoring has been training students to improve their academic scores. While we provide tutoring for most tests and subjects, our specialty is college admissions testing.

We are passionate about teaching high school juniors and seniors how to raise their scores on the ACT, PSAT, and SAT.
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Higher test scores mean more scholarship dollars.

A recent survey of college admissions counselors revealed that one of the most important factors in scholarship decisions was the score on a college admissions test. ACT and SAT scores ranked second in the survey, just behind high school GPA. It’s true: higher scores open doors!

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  • "The Jane Ross class gave me tips and tricks that got me very familiar with the ACT material. I loved this workshop, and it brought my score up a whopping three points. I recommend it for everyone who struggles."

    Olivia - Olivia, up 3 ACT points
  • "I went to one of your sessions, and then I scored a 31 on the English section. Your strategies work!"

    Andre - Andre, from a 27 to a 31 in English
  • "This ACT workshop simplified the test and made it easier to manage my time during the exam. Using the Jane Ross techniques, I increased my composite score by 6 points!"

    Tyler - Tyler, from a 24 to a 30
  • "The Jane Ross ACT workshop helped me to understand the test and to walk into the room with more familiarity and comfort than I ever thought possible."

    Jack - Jack, from a 27 to a 33 (with 2 perfect subscores)
  • "The Jane Ross ACT Prep program taught me how to manage my time and improve my reading speed."

    Alex - Alex, from a 22 to a 29
  • "Jane Ross tutoring enabled me to achieve the composite score I strived for, and even increased my science score from the low 20s to a 30."

    Nathan - Nathan, from a 24 to a 29

Our quality teachers make all the difference.

Instructors at Jane Ross Tutoring are experienced, licensed teachers who are experts in their content area.

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Jane Ross Tutoring can provide a workshop for your students on your campus. We offer flexible scheduling by teaching workshops during school, after school, and on Saturdays. We also conduct teacher professional development workshops!

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