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The Online ACT Course subscription includes full access to our entire library of instructional videos and practice questions. You will be auto-billed $29.99 each month. When you’ve mastered the ACT, simply notify us that you’re ready to cancel. It’s that simple. We have been studying this test for over 40 years and have developed effective strategies you’ve probably never heard before. We believe that higher scores open doors. Let’s go after those HIGHER SCORES—sign up today!

$29.99 per month

Online ACT Course - English Module

The English part of the ACT is the most predictable and most coachable part of the test. A little instruction can go a long way! Using a combination of creative visuals and easy-to-follow explanations, Dr. Phillips will guide you through some of the most critical skills that can raise English scores several points.


Online ACT Course -Reading Module

You’ll learn our proven strategies for the reading test, including how to time yourself. A student favorite is our “Beware the Distractor” video. In that training, we show how well-trained test takers can easily spot the wrong answers on the ACT Reading test. There is also a trick to recognize the right answer quickly. Using examples from previous tests, Dr. Phillips will guide students through the techniques that can raise reading scores several points.


Online ACT Course - Math Module

Improving your math score involves mastery of math content and math strategy. This module includes an in-depth review of the most common math problems on the ACT. Also, you’ll learn seven of the most effective problem-solving strategies, how to use them, and--most importantly--when to use them.


Online ACT Course - Science Module

This module includes a complete overview of the science test. The unique format of this test leads to specific, highly effective strategies. Have you ever thought of the ACT science test as a scavenger hunt? After our “Scavenger Hunt” video, you'll never see the science test the same way again! With a special focus on recognizing patterns and relationships, we'll prove the science test is not as hard as you may think it is.


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You can try it before you buy it! Simply fill out your contact information in the registration banner and we'll email you the link to sample science lessons from the Online ACT Course. Choose "Individual Modules" from the drop-down menu, and then select FREE Lesson.